Inter-library service

If the item you are looking for is not included in the collections of your own library, it can be ordered from other libraries as an inter-library loan.

First check the availability of the item in your own library:


Kokkola City Library

Ylivieska City Library

Tritonia Allegro (Jakobstad)

You can also request articles as inter-library service. The articles are usually delivered as photocopies.

Remember that after sending an inter-library loan request you are obliged to pay the inter-library loan service price according to library's price list. Inter-library loans connected to one's studies are free of charge for the students of Centria UAS and University Consortium Chydenius. Inter-library loans are also free of charge for the staff members of Centria UAS and University Consortium Chydenius, but inter-library loans made for projects will be billed from the projects budget.

A 5,oo € fee is charged if the item is not fetched by the customer, this also applies to the students of Centria UAS.

Inter-library loans follow the rules and instructions of the sending library.

Please notice, library does not order inter-library loans on materials which are on Centria Library collections.

Inter-library loan request

Contact our inter-library loans service:


Taru Fröjdholm, 040 808 6618 or 040 808 5102

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Hannele Myntti, 044 449 2611 or 040 729 9913

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