Collections in Centria Library

Centria Library is open to all users. Some of the services can be restricted only to the use of students and staff of Centria UAS.

Centria Library offers vocational and scientific literature to support studying. There is also a wide selection of domestic and international databases, search portals and electronic books and journals in Centria Library. These licensed services are restricted to the use of Centria UAS students and staff.

The databases and electronic materials are available both in the Centria network and via remote use.

You can ask for help in all the matters which are related to the information retrieval. We also give personal guidance in the use of databases especially for thesis writers.

Printed material

The printed material, books and journals, are placed in the library units of Kokkola and Ylivieska. Books can be searched in Centria-Finna. You can also reserve books which are borrowed (Place a request) or which are available in the shelf (Request an available item).

You can search for books and research reports in collections of other libraries using union catalog Melinda. You can ask books found in Melinda to be delivered as inter-library loan.


You can find list of databases, search portals and books and journals which are published online in our list of e-resources.

Become acquainted also with the field-specific guides of information retrieval, LibGuides.


Centria UAS theses are uploaded in Theseus, where they can be read online.