Borrowing services

Library card

Centria Library is open for every user. You can borrow books and journals even if you are not studying in Centria UAS.

You need a Centria Library card to borrow. Please fill a library card application form and come personally to library to obtain a card. Also prepare to prove your identity when applying for a card. You agree to follow the library rules when receiving the card.

Library card is personal. The owner is responsible for all material borrowed with it. In case you lose your card, inform the library immediatly.

Tuudo Library Card

Centria-library has a Tuudo library card. Tuudo library card can be used by students and staff of Centria UAS.

Instructions on how to make a library card in Tuudo can be found here: Tuudo-instructions (PDF file)

With Tuudo library card you can

  • borrow books with self-service check out and at customer service
  • renew loans and check due dates
  • see your reservations and fees
  • check libraries’ opening hours

Tuudo gives notifications when due dates are close or reservations are available for pick up.

You can find Tuudo library card and other services from the side menu.

If you don’t have a library card yet, you can activate one in Tuudo without visiting the library. After receiving the card, you need to link it to Centria-Finna to make reservations.

If you already have Centria-librarys’ card, you can activate the card in Tuudo by using the card number and password.

If you don’t see library services at Tuudo, download the latest version of the app. Tuudo is free and can be downloaded from Google Play of App Store.

If you want traditional plastic library card, please visit our customer service with ID.


You can check out items at the library service counter or by selfcheck. You can borrow as many books as you want. A PIN code is needed when using selfcheck. If you have forgotten your PIN code, please contact the library customer service.

Loan periods

  • Books 28 days
  • Journals 28 days


Loans can be renewed for twenty times without bringing them back to library, if there are no requests for the books. You can renew them at library service counter, in Centria-Finna, by phone or by e-mail. Verify the new due date after renewing. In case your loans can not be renewed, reason can be one of following:

  • there are requests on the title,
  • you have renewed your loans twenty times,
  • you have fees over the debt limit, or
  • your patron information is expired.

Please contact your library in case you have problems in renewing.

Book transfers

Weekly book transfers run between two service points of Centria Library. Transportation day is Wednesday.
Customers can request books from the other library, if books in their own library are not available, by making a request in Centria-Finna and selecting their own home library as a pick-up place.

Books ordered as a transport service are free of charge.


You can return your loans at library service counter or by selfcheck. When library is closed, there is a locked box beside the library counter where you can leave your books to return.

You can return your loans at library service counter or by selfcheck. When library is closed, there is a locked box beside the library counter where you can leave your books to return. You are obliged to pay overdue fines for items that are returned or renewed after the due date. Overdue fines are not collected on days when library is closed.


You can request for borrowed books in Centria-Finna, at library service counter, by phone or by e-mail. You can order also a book which is available in shelf. You must be registered to Centria-Finna with your library card to place requests.

Requesting is free of charge. You will be notified by e-mail when the requested book has arrived for you to pick up. The book is kept for one week for you to fetch.