Contact us

Centria-library Kokkola
Talonpojankatu 2
67100 Kokkola
tel. 040 808 5102

Taru Fröjdholm
Information Service Secretary
tel. 040 808 6618

Emilia Kurikkala
Information Service Secretary
tel. 040 480 5985

Marjo Pekola
Communications and Information Services Manager
puh. 044 725 0062

Päivi Toikkanen
It designer
puh. 044 725 0017

Tomi Virtanen
Information Specialist
puh. 040 808 6616

Centria-library Ylivieska
Vierimaantie 7
84100 Ylivieska
tel. 040 729 9913

Hannele Myntti
Information Specialist
tel. 044 449 2611

University Consortium Chydenius
Talonpojankatu 2
67100 Kokkola

Students of University Consortium Chydenius can ask for guidance for using the e-resources of University of Jyväskylä from:

Simo Sainio
tel. 040 8054 430

Päivi Vuorio
tel. 040 6618 288

Contact forms:
Link to form at JYKDOK
Link to form at University of Jyväskylä webpage

Tritonia Allegro, Jakobstad
Campus Allegro
Runebergsgatan 8
68600 Jakobstad

Tritonia Allegro serves the units at Novia University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences in Jakobstad. The library is open for everyone. The printed collections of Tritonia Allegro mirror the fields of study at Centria and Novia UAS, focusing on art, music, and business economics.
All print material, as well as printed music, can be found in the Tritonia Finna portal: Link to Tritonia Finna